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Moth Box Trap

Moth Box Trap

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Pheromone moth box traps are the perfect way to get rid of unwanted moths in your home.

The Moth Box Trap has been specially designed to stop the breeding cycle of moths to help keep your home moth free in the long-term.

The sticky glue board insert attracts the male carpet moths onto the female pheromone adhesive strip, which traps and kills moths. It is a completely non-poisonous alternative to chemical insect control and can be used in your home all year round.

Simply place the box somewhere undisturbed, outside the wardrobe - on a shelf, under the bed, or under a chest of drawers.

Once opened, the clothes moth pheromone traps last for 12 weeks.

Moth box refills are available in packs of 2 online and in store.


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