Scottish Textiles Tour

A Warm Welcome to the Hudson MoHawk Weavers Guild as they embark on a Textiles Tour of Scotland!

This week we welcomed Cecilia Lockwood and Nancy Sharples with the Hudson MoHawk guild of weavers to the Scottish Textiles Showcase!

After years in the planning, the group finally made it through our doors and are now embarking on a textiles tour of Scottish mills and artisan makers which we have helped put together for them with Destination Management Scotland.

Their tour began here in Edinburgh with a private visit to the Scottish Textiles Showcase and a talk by Edinburgh weaver Kristina Taylor who entertained us with her beautiful plant dyed wool and hand woven rugs.

What a joy it was to be together at last and meet face to face after years of planning through covid!

Pictured is a photo captured during a mill visit to Andrew Elliot in Selkirk.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke textiles tour.

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