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Birlinn Yarn

Knitting Wool Reef

Knitting Wool Reef

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Spun from a blend of Hebridean sheep fleece from the island of Berneray and Cheviot sheep fleece from North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. 

This subtle blue yarn evokes the iridescent turquoise of the Hebridean sea over sandy reefs.

This 4 ply finger weight knitting wool is collaboration between local crofters preserving the traditional island crofting way of life. The herd of Hebridean sheep are transported from the croft on Berneray to islands in the Harris Sound for summer grazing via boat. Given the Northern ancestry of the Hebridean sheep, their fleeces produce a yarn that is particularly warm, perfect for cosy sweaters, gloves and hats. The Cheviot wool, a breed that produces fine soft wool, hails from sheep crofts along Clachan Sands on the island of North Uist.

Per ball: 50g / 150 meters of organically dyed Hebridean and Cheviot wool, semi worsted. We would recommend knitting as 4 Ply on 3.5mm needles.

Please hand wash with care.

100% Wool 



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