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Knitting Pattern Arabesque Mittens
Arabesque Mitts Knitting Pattern

Arabesque Mitts Knitting Pattern

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This is a wonderful hand knit pattern for round mittens with glorious cabling and lace, integrated thumb.

Knitting wool required:

1 x 100g Lalland Aran knitting wool ball - choose from our colours.


2 x 50 g Lalland DK knitting wool - choose from our colours.

Chart pattern. 

Please note that this is a PDF pattern and will be sent to the email address provided. 

Materials required:

1 x 100gr Aran ball or alternatively knit 2 strands of Lalland DK together. This would take 2 x 50gr balls.

For a medium size use 4.5mm needle. 

For a large size use 5mm needle.