Di Gilpin and Sheila Greenwell visit the Scottish Textiles Showcase

Meet the Makers - Di Gilpin and Sheila Greenwell

Last month we were delighted to host a visit from knitting connoisseurs Di Gilpin and Sheila Greenwell to sign copies of their latest book, the Gansey Knitting Sourcebook.  This indispensable book is a fascinating tome covering the history of the Gansey jumper and the women who knitted them with accompanying Gansey knitting patterns presented in an easy to follow format.

Such is the appeal of meeting Di and Sheila in person, customers braved the awful winter weather that day and were rewarded with engaging conversation between Di and Sheila who shared their love of knitting in general along with their extensive knowledge of all things Gansey. Their enthusiasm was infectious and we were charmed by their camaraderie and mutual bonhomie.

A pair of original Sanquhar gloves bought in by John and Helen Beattie were a great talking point as Sheila and Di admired the workmanship that went into producing these very special Scottish gloves.

Any customer who admitted to having once tried to knit a long time ago invariably left the shop armed with a pattern and Di Gilpin knitting wool and a desire to pick up their needles once again, inspired of course by Di and Sheila.

Di Gilpin visit to Scottish Textiles Showcase

For those not in the know, Ganseys are hardwearing sweaters traditionally knitted for fishermen around the British Isles with stitch patterns becoming specific to local areas as a charm to keep the menfolk safe whilst out at sea.  For a fascinating in-depth account of the research project that Di and Sheila undertook to write the Gansey Knitting Sourcebook and the patterns contained in it, we recommend tuning in to Di and Sheila's YouTube video below. 

We stock a range of Di Gilpin's gorgeous Lalland knitting wool with colours inspired by Scottish landscape, flora and fauna in both DK 50g and Aran 100g weights. The Lalland wool knits up to give a soft vintage look and is very popular with our customers. We also have a range of Di Gilpin's knitting patterns and of course the Gansey Knitting Sourcebook.

Gansey Knitting Sourcebook

The video below is an in-depth look at the Gansey Knitting Sourcebook as Di and Sheila talk their way through the book.


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