Meet the Makers map of Scottish Wool Mills

We Celebrate Made in UK Day in Scotland!

Wednesday 9 March 2022 is Made in UK Day! 
From Harris Tweed woven in the west, to Shetland Fair Isle in the north, Scottish lace in the west, and the Borders mills in the south, Scotland has a rich and famous textile heritage. Our map shows the Scottish wool mills that are normally open to visitors, and our customers always say that it is only after visiting a working mill in person that they can appreciate just how much work and skill go into producing a knitted garment or piece of woven cloth.
Rosie Sugden at the Mill
Rosie Sugden oversees production of her collection at the mill
Organised by Make it British, the #madeinUKday initiative is to create awareness of local manufacturing and  encourage consumers to purchase from UK manufacturers.  At the Scottish Textiles Showcase we champion Scottish artisans and wool mills and understand the importance of supporting local industries. All the products we sell are sourced from Scottish makers and we our proud to promote Scottish provenance and create awareness of Scottish craftsmanship skills which play an important part in our textiles heritage.
Elliot Mill in Selkirk
    The number of Scottish wool mills operating today is significantly less than 100 years ago which is largely due to competition overseas where products are made more cheaply. Though there are fewer mills today, those that are still operating are making for the top end of the market, such is the quality of the cloth and knitwear they produce, and the Made in Scotland label continues to be synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship. 
    MYB, Scotland's last remaining lace mill in Ayrshire
    In 2021 it was with great sadness that we witnessed the closure of Scottish Linen, Scotland's last remaining linen mill which had been operating from the same location in Kirkcaldy, Fife for almost 200 years. 
    Our linen bags, made with Scottish linen from the Kirkcaldy Mill
    By supporting Scottish artisans and wool mills we can all help to:
    • Promote Scottish craftsmanship
    • Save essential skills
    • Preserve Scottish manufacturing 
    • Support local economies
    • Create job opportunities
    • Lower our carbon footprint

      So we hope that our customers will shop Scottish, or shop British this MadeinUK day, and don't forget to enter our discount code MadeUK10 at checkout to get your 10% MadeinUK day discount!

      MadeinUK Day

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