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  • Hand tied salmon fly kilt pin by Melville in Brora pattern
  • Hand tied salmon fly kilt pin by Melville in Brora pattern
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Salmon Fly Kilt Pin Brora

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Eye-catching Brora feather kilt pin inspired by traditional salmon fly fishing patterns.

The Brora Hairwing is a classic salmon fly pattern celebrating the river Brora which is a short river in Northern Scotland running to the North Sea. The fly has become famous through its association with the legendary fly dresser Megan Boyd.  Born 29 January 1915 in Surrey she moved to Sutherland in 1918 when her father was appointed bailiff on the Duke of Sutherland’s estate and spent the rest of her life in the community around Brora. At the age of 12 Megan began fly tying and throughout her life she created patterns for many renowned anglers with a variety of customers including the Prince of Wales.

Hand tied on a silver finish Salmon Fly kilt pin, the Brora design features a combination of natural and dyed feathers including the golden pheasant, jungle cock and black ostrich.

Gift box included.

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