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Salmon Fly Feather Brooch General Practitioner

Salmon Fly Feather Brooch General Practitioner

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Brighten up your lapel with our eye-catching salmon fly feather brooch in the General Practitioner design, inspired by a traditional salmon fly fishing pattern.

The General Practitioner salmon fly is a shrimp pattern. It was created c. 1955 by Lt Colonel Esmond Drury for fishing the salmon rivers of Scotland & England. It was originally called the G.P. because of the Golden Pheasant feathers used to dress the fly. Overtime the name transitioned to General Practitioner as a result of the term GP being used in the medical profession for local family doctors. 

This orange and black shrimp design features a combination of natural and dyed feathers and animal hair including the golden pheasant, jungle cock and fox squirrel, hand tied onto a gold finish Salmon Fly brooch pin with orange thread.

Melville gift box included. 

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