Black Watch tartan face mask
Black Watch Tartan Face Mask
Reverse side Black Watch tartan facemask
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Face Mask, Black Watch Tartan

Face Mask, Black Watch Tartan

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Black Watch pleated tartan face covering woven in Scotland from polycotton and washable at 50 degrees centigrade. Two elastic straps sit around the head and enable the mask to be pulled down around the neck when not required over the mouth. Black polycotton lining, pleated design fits many sizes. 

Our tartan face masks are woven at a Scottish tartan mill in the Scottish Borders.  Please note, these are not PPE equipment, but sold as face coverings for personal use when out and about in public places.

"Watches" were a Highland system through which armed guard were raised by the Clan Chiefs to prevent cattle-lifting, but these were ultimatley disarmed by General Wade. In line with this native tradition, the Government in 1729 raised four Independent Companies as part of the Armed Forces. These became a regiment in 1739 and were called "The Black Watch", from the dark tartan which they wore to distinguish them from the regular "Red Coats".

Looking for your own tartan face mask? We can make to order - just contact us with your request. 

Please note, you don't have to be a member of a clan to wear this tartan face mask!