harris tweed and cashmere scarf

Harris Tweed and Cashmere Rainbow Trout Scarf and Mask Set

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Luxury Scarf and Mask Set - Currently Unavailable

Soft hues of grey, deep burgundy red and off white blend in this luxurious scarf made with Harris Tweed lined with Scottish cashmere. The colourful water resistant Harris Tweed provides structure and optimum protection against the cold, wind and rain whilst the sumptuously soft cashmere side is worn next to the skin for exceptional comfort and additional warmth.

Complementary face mask made of Harris Tweed lined with black silk.

Harris Tweed is hand woven by highly skilled weavers at their homes in the Western Isles of Scotland using traditional methods. Unusually the wool is dyed before being spun so each thread contains a multitude of different colours, producing a cloth of great depth and complexity. Take a look at the close up image above and you'll see how many colours are woven into in this scarf! We source all our finished cashmere from the very best Scottish mills.

Scarf: 170 cm x 24cm. Gift box included.

Dry clean only. Weather resistant stylish wear. Handmade in Scotland. 

Limited edition, made by Kitty Mackenzie.